Google Launches ‘Play With Collectibles’ Promotion, Offers Exclusive Merchandise Inside Select Android Games for a Limited Time

Google loves showering Android users with regular promotional offers that range from offering several Play Store games at just 10 cents to new albums in Play Music at amazingly low prices.

This time, Google has quietly launched another promotional Play Store offer for Android gamers, Play With Collectibles, where it is offering exclusive in-game merchandise in select Android games for a limited period of time. The bonus items range from a legendary spaceship in Panic Flight to an Android themed t-shirt in Stardom: The A-List. The bonus in-game collectible items are either available for free in some of the games or at dirt-cheap rates.


Play With Collectibles offer is open to everyone. However, I found no traces of this promotion on the Play Store website and application in countries other than the USA. As usual, Google seems to be more interested in targeting Android users residing in the US than other countries.

National sentiments aside, the promotion will run for a week starting from today, i.e., 16th June and will end on 22nd of this month. Overall, there are 25 games that have been included in this promotion, which are listed as follows:

  1. Monster Park
  3. The Sims™ FreePlay
  4. Crime City
  6. Tap Dragon Park
  7. Hanging With Friends
  9. Tiny Zoo Friends
  10. Dino Life
  11. Pet Shop Story™
  12. Aqua Story
  13. Tiny Village
  14. World War™
  15. Fantasy Town
  16. Dream Zoo
  18. Panic Flight
  19. Tiny Farm®
  20. Tap Zoo
  21. Samurai vs Zombies Defense!
  22. Bakery Story™
  23. ZombieSmash
  24. Brightwood Adventures FREE
  25. Dream Heights

Android gaming freaks, grab em all! – Play With Collectibles

[Source: DroidGamers]

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