Google Launches eBookstore With 3 Million eBooks

Simply put, Google’s eBookstore is an effort to create the largest digital store for books, independent of publisher, device or cost. This massive collection of over 3 million ebooks can be read on the web or any device including Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using a wireless collection. Your reading experience automatically synchronizes across various platforms, so if you left reading page 3 of Pride and Prejudice on your Android device, you can pick at the same spot even if you later switch to your iPad or iPhone. ┬áBesides apps for smart phones, Google also as a Web Reader Application that can be used to read the books from any web browser.

Many of the classics can be read free of cost, while others are offered at a price range of $5.49 to $19.99. Unlike many of its other products though, Google has really made significant effort on providing a great browsing experience for the eBookstore. Books can be searched by author, title or keywords and search can be restricted by choosing one of the many categories. Results can also be narrowed down to display free titles only and can be sorted by publish date.

Consumers, however, are not the only one to benefit from this eBookstore as nearly 4,000 publishers are already in negotiations with Google to sell their eBooks through this massive platform. Major publishers are already offering their collections for a small price and sharing their revenue with Google, and Google is encouraging publishers of all sizes to use the marketplace to promote/sell their books.

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