Google’s ISP Speed – 524 Mbps Download Speed, 147 Mbps Upload Speed

Google is known for it’s speed in search results. Not only are they blazing fast, they are literally there before you blink your eyes. In recent times, Google also took faster to a new level with .

Google ISP Speed

From this information it is easy to gauge that Google’s servers are powered by some really big servers who have an enormous bandwidth. But what about people working in Google’s offices? Do they have fast internet connections?

Well, yes. Let’s just call it blazing fast. Brad from The Next Web unearthed a speed test done by a Google employee on a Reddit QnA session by the team.

The speed test as you can see above is something unbelievable. Google offices in SFO have a download speed of 524Mbps and upload speed of 147.2 Mbps speed. Being in US, I am used to some high speed connections, but it does not come anywhere close to what Google has in it’s office. Also the speed test says that it is faster than 99% of US users, so are all the other 1% Google employees Smile.

The ISP that provides internet in Google offices, is Google themselves. I Bet the people who are going to get the Google ISP lines will be really happy about it.

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