Google is Experimenting With a New Search Layout

Google is experimenting with a new search layout. This layout looks cleaner and offers better control on the search results. The results are scalable with time, content type and location. The search button has been merged into the search box giving it a different look.

This new search interface packs in a lot of result in an excellent layout and I give this layout a thumbs up over the present one. Here is a screenshot tour of the changes.

The Logo




The Search Box




The Page Navigation




The Complete Page




3 thoughts on “Google is Experimenting With a New Search Layout”

  1. Hi this is my first time visiting this blog and I think I'll hang out for awhile.

    I think these changes will be good and I especially like how easy it is to find blogs! hehe

    Where did they hide the Wonder Wheel though?


  2. While I appreciate that there is a benefit to the added search functionality, the new sidebar makes poor use of space and gives google a far more cluttered feel. To my mind, there is no doubt that you should at least be able to hide the sidebar. This way, you can make everyone happy.

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