Google+ iPad App Released In App Store

Google+ iPad App

Today, Google released an update to their iOS app for Google+. While this app was recently exclusive to the iPhone and iPod Touch, an update has been released which turns the app into a universal app which makes it compatible with the iPad as well. The app is very well designed and features a cool, tiled interface. It almost reminds me of the Windows ‘Metro’ interface. Each tile represents a different piece of content whether it’s a status update, photo or video. The app is also pretty quick and runs great on my new iPad.

Other updates to the Google+ iOS app include Google+ events support, the ability to attach ‘Instant Upload’ photos to posts and the ability to start and join Hangouts. These features have been added to both the native iPad app and the standard iPhone and iPod Touch application.

All in all, the Google+ iPad app far exceeded my expectations and the added features are a welcome addition to the iPhone app as well. Don’t delay updating the app if you still use Google+.

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