Google Finally Fixes the Registration Process for Google I/O 2012; Only Developers With Coding Skills Can Register

Google had earlier announced the dates for its annual developer event – Google I/O 2012 – in October. However, there has been a change in schedule. Google I/O will take place in June 2012, from June 27 to June 29. Yes, that’s three days, instead of the two days Google I/O is usually held for.

The goal behind increasing the duration of the event was to enable attendees to attend more sessions, and interact with the engineers behind Google’s developer platforms and APIs. There may be another reason behind postponing it – Google may have a lot of stuff to unveil at the event, which they couldn’t have been prepared to unveil in April.

There is another surprise – a very good one for actual developers.

While Google actually started I/O for developers, it has been attracting the wrong audience in the past couple of years, since Google started giving away free goodies to attendees, the cost of which was much higher than the price of admission to the event.

Last year, the entire event was sold out within hours, and after the event ended, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 units that Google had doled out to the attendees were being sold on eBay at a huge premium.

While it’s great that Google wants to give away stuff to attendees, the problem is that it attracts the wrong kind of audience.

To attend Google I/O 2012 though, Google advises you to ” brush up on your coding skills” if you want to attend the event.

They haven’t given out any details yet, but I think it means that they may allow only developers who can actually code to register for the event via some kind of a pre-registration coding contest.

Well, obviously it can be gamed too, but it’s better than having no such measures.

Hopefully, more developers (and no scalpers) will get to attend Google I/O 2012.

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