Google Invests in Future Prediction Specialist “Recorded Future”

Google has invested in a startup from US which claims it can predict the future on anything ranging from stock market events to a terrorist strike. The company claims to have developed a data analysis technology which can predict future events from intelligent extrapolation of present data.

The company’s YouTube channel describes the technology as,

Recorded Future allows financial analysts, intelligence analysts, and predictors to organize and aggregate future observations with ease.

This funding is being made under the banner of  Google Ventures which is responsible for funding many other suck startups. This page from TheNextWeb elaborates a list of all such companies.

This new style of investing in a company is a failsafe method to keep a company under its hood and at the same time, not completely own it to take the losses. Google has invested in some of the weirdest technologies but this one can be relevantly used to better Google’s flagship search product.

Some other weird technologies in which Google invests are an yeast-based antibody discovery platform Adimab, V-Vehicle an efficient car company, and Pixazza which extracts objects from an image and recognizes it across various websites.

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