Google+ Introduces Pages

Google+ Introduces Pages

Google announced their new “Pages” feature to Google+ on their blog. The theme of their blog post centers around being able to connect with all the things you care about. Google+ Pages have been a long time in the making and are similar to the group and business pages you see on Facebook. They allow you to socialize with your favorite brands and businesses, in addition to people.

Organizations can go to  to start their new page.  Though they said the new “Pages” feature rolls out worldwide today, it doesn’t appear to be available everywhere just yet. When I tried to create a page earlier, I received the message picture below.

Not Ready

The addition of “Pages” allows businesses to interact with their customers in new ways. Customers can now +1 a page or add them to their circles so they can always see updates from them. Google seems to be embracing the philosophy of connecting to people. Here is a quote from their blog:

behind every page (or storefront, or four-door sedan) is a passionate group of individuals, and we think you should able to connect with them too.

Google shared the following video to introduce their new “Pages” feature.

Google+ Pages will now be included in Google search results.  Google has also introduced a “Direct Connect” feature for its search engine. For example, if you are an Angry Birds fan, then you can type a “+” symbol followed by Angry Birds in the search box and it will take you directly to their Google+ page. Apparently there are only a limited number of “Direct Connect” pages available at this time. The video below gives a little more detail of how this works.

The  roll out  of Google+ Pages has been long awaited by Google+ users. Facebook has allowed organizations and businesses to do similar pages for quite a while now. To be quite honest, there doesn’t appear to be anything innovative with this new offering however, it was imperative that they add this  functionality. It will be interesting to see how businesses and organizations embrace the new pages. I believe a lot of their success will depend on how easy the interface is to work with.

What do you think? Is this too little too late? Are you excited about the opportunity to build your own page? Please let us know what you think. We love hearing from our readers.

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