Google Introduces Building Maker To Google Earth

Google Introduces Building Maker To Google Earth

You might have seen on Google Earth, that there are lots of amazing 3D buildings around the globe. Are you wondering how those superb buildings and sky scrapers are made? Then Google answered you today.

Google has launched a new plug-in for Google Earth called Google Building maker. With this new tool released by Google, you can create your own buildings and submit them to the Google team. Google team reviews them and   your building will be published on Google Earth.

Building Maker is a 3D modeling tool for adding buildings to Google Earth. It is easy and fun to use the tool. Here is how it works,

  • You should select a city from around the world.
  • Google provides you some photos. You have to start creating buildings with those.
  • After completing, save it and Google will review it.
  • That’s it! Your building is on Google Earth! Simple, isn’t it?

Details On Resources That Google Gives For Creating Buildings

Basically, Google gives you some well designed 3D models and aerial view photos of some buildings. You need to use these resources to create new buildings. Google will be introducing about 50 cities at the beginning and will later go on increasing the number.

Models you create will be saved live in the Google 3D Warehouse, an online repository for 3D models

Watch this video for better understanding:

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  • Does anyone know how many people are using this feature to build these buildings? Its a pretty need idea but why doesnt google take this out of human hands and use computers and the arial photos to generate these buildings? I mean who really has the time to site around and build fake buildings for no reason?

  • Great write-up. Do you know if there is any way to capture some of the many 3D building models form teh Google Repository to use in programs like Sketch-Up or Vectorworks?

  • Alien

    Hello Friend,
    I saw some 3D buildings on Google Earth in America region. Trying the building maker, I din’t got any option for creating 3D buildings in India.
    Please if you can help me out with this I’ll be thankful. Please tell me any easy way unlike Google SketchUp to make 3D buildings for India.