Google Rolls Out Host Of Innovative Features As The Month Starts Off With A Bang!

Google is awesome! You already knew that, but there is new reason to think so! Google is ushering in the future. The newest innovation from Google will allow you to experience infinite possibilities, be it using your mobile phone (Android) or your laptop(Google Chrome) or just the good old reliable Google Search Engine. Here’s everything you need to know in order to get on this brand new bandwagon!

Gmail Tap – The Smartest Way to get the maximum out of your smart phone!

The basic problem that Google wanted to address is the pet peeve of every smartphone user – and there are a lot of those guys now. So here’s Google’s solution – you just use two buttons. What can be simpler than that?

A new app will allow you to use Morse code to write actual words. Each letter or digit is represented by a specific sequence of dots-and-dashes. On the screen you’ll see two large buttons, one for the dot and the other for the dash. Then on, it’s just two fingers to type out an entire text within a few seconds. Of course, there is a spacebar and a backspace key too. You even have a way to access the original QWERTY keyboard. Sure, Gmail Tap will require a bit of practise, but then, once you’re set, you’ll be blazing away.

This is the interface. Note the dual key set on the right, meant exclusively for power users.

There is also an option of dual tap – the advanced version of this app, made exclusively for power users (Picture above, right). This will create another set of buttons – dot, dash, space etc. – which will allow you to use two hands simultaneously, doubling your typing speed! Now, ain’t that cool?

Says David Brooks, Communication Services, Google :

You can say two things with your finger, that your mouth can say only one of!

Here’s the promo page:
And here’s the download link:

Google’s Really Advanced Search

Google, the synonym for internet search, just got more synonymous with internet search. In a wonderful new move, Google introduced the Really Advanced Search loaded with features you’d have to think really hard to come up with! Genius these guys!

So what’s new, you ask? Obviously, you have to enter the search phrase. Then, you can enter various other fields that might be useful to Google for providing you with just the information you’re looking for. You might enter a slang with the search word, or an innuendo. What do you do when you want to search a sentence you read the other day, but just can’t recollect? Just enter the phrases and you’ll be greeted with the results!

Of course, being really advanced, you can narrow down the search results by providing any grammatical faux pas that someone made or even by putting in the chromatic number of the background. In addition to all this, Google will definitely allow you to tickle a unicorn or search out things by their odour, thus fulfilling your long-time need for a virtual dog.

Really Advanced Search Team:

Multi-tasking Mice

Google Chrome now uses two mice, instead of one. Why? The philosophy is quite simple really! Google realises that you use just one of your hands, instead of two. So that you can use both, you can now go to the Chrome Multitask Mode where you can use two mouse cursors, instead of the ordinary one. Now, two people can use the same computer. Again, it’ll take a bit of time to get used to, but you’ll soon grow into it, becoming a pro very soon!

Chrome Multitasking Mode is something to grow into. I am hooked!

Promo Video:
Try Chrome Multitask Mode:

Simply brilliant from Google!

Or it would be, if any of this were true. If you haven’t realized this as yet, this entire post has been an April Fool Joke. Of course, we are just riding piggy back on Google. Do have fun clicking on the links and forwarding the news of the latest breathtaking innovations from Google. And don’t forget to laugh!

Happy April Fools’ Day Everyone!

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