Google in Talks To Acquire Yelp, DocVerse and Trulia?
By on December 19th, 2009

Google is on an acquisition frenzy. They have been acquiring a company or two almost every month in order to step into various markets. Here are three more companies that Google is eyeing:

1. DocVerse:

DocVerse is a collaboration platform for Microsoft Office documents. It was founded in 2007 by two Microsoft veterans and now Google is reportedly paying them $25 Million for it. This will let Google strengthen its position in the office space.

2. Yelp:

Google is also said to be buying Yelp for half a billion dollars. This deal will help Google capture the local markets directly and use the 200 or so sales people that Yelp employs to get local advertising.

3. Turlia:

There have been talks that Google is also eying Trulia, the real estate listing website as a potential acquisition. The news isn’t confirmed yet, but the price is being speculated to be around $150 Million to $200 Million. Since Trulia listings use Google Maps pretty heavily, this will provide a lot of synergies to the post acquisition entity.

What do you think about these acquisitions and in Google’s shopping spree in general? Are they going too fast?

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