Google Introduces Heatmap Like In-Page Analytics

Google Introduces Heatmap Like In-Page Analytics

Google today introduced a new feature in their Analytics software called In-Page Analytics. As the name suggests, In-Page Analytics will display heatmap click reports for your content.


In-Page Analytics is nothing but a heatmap in disguise, which will show you which content the users are clicking on. Though it is not an actual heatmap as produced by web analytics software like Crazy Egg and Reinvigorate, it will definitely help webmasters to understand their users and make changes to their content accordingly.

In addition to telling you where users are clicking, the in-page analytics also gives you detailed analysis about number of clicks, goals etc. This is definitely a useful feature for webmasters to understand which areas of their website is underperforming and make changes accordingly.

In-Page Analytics is currently in beta, and is available under "Content" in the sidebar. If you are looking to dive into the In-Page Analytics, take a look at the video below to understand how it works.

More info at the Google Analytics Blog.

One thought on “Google Introduces Heatmap Like In-Page Analytics”

  1. Cheers for this, I already knew about it but was good to find an article easy enough when I wanted a link to give someone in Digital Point forums.

    They were not sure what Google heatmaps were and this was a great post to link to, to clear up the issue.

    Thread on DP, showthread.php?t=2107255

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