Sponsored Images Show Up in Google Image Search

I rely on Google Image Search to search for images which I can use in several projects. Until recently, I have been used to seeing text based ads in Google Image Search, however, while searching for an image today, I came across a new "Sponsored Image" result within the search items.

Sponsored Image in Google Image Search

I am not sure about when this started, but a TechCrunch report dated back to 2008 had talked about this, however, there was little or no discussion about it in any other than that. Again, I have been extensively using Google Image search for a while now and haven’t come across this earlier.

Google Image search is a very popular service after regular Google search and there have been text ads earlier, but never image ads. So is Google finally implementing the Sponsored images into image search?

For those curious about where the sponsored image result appeared can click on this link. Have you seen such sponsored images in your image search results before? What terms did you search for to see this? Let me know through your comments.

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