Google Takes another Shot at Making a Faster Web, Devises a New Image Format

Google has gone too far to speed up the web as we see it today. While some consider this unnecessary effort, others like me would definitely love to have a faster web. After all, it is human to want more.

This time around last year, Google proposed a new HTTP alternative that could speed-up things considerably. The redesigned application layer could reduce pageloads by 50% and details on this can be found at this  whitepaper. A few months later, they attempted a new DNS protocol extension. More on it can be  read here.

This time, Google has claimed a 39% reduced size with its newly devices image format WebP. However, Google is already planning an update for WebKit that allows users to view this format.  Pixelmator is also seeing WebP as prospective and has added support for it.

The compression codes are open-sourced and available at the WebP page. In reality, it is a fork of the VP8 video compression codec. Commercially, this new image format will make for excellent bandwidth savings and a faster mobile browsing.

You can read more about WebP at its homepage  here. The page also provides a compression tool to save images in this format. You can also compare WebP and JPEG images at this  WebP gallery.


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