Google Launches New Design; Adds Black Menu Bar And Reduces Logo Size

Update: If you hate the new Black Menu Bar in Google, here is How To Disable Black Menu Bar in Google Search.

Google has been known for it’s simplistic design on their pages except for when they decide to use some fancy on it. However, apart from that their clean white interface with minimal links has been liked my numerous amounts of people.

However, off late, Google has been playing around with a lot of new design changes for their home page and search results pages. It all started when they decided to add a Bing link background to their homepage and continued with a slew of other changes including removing the “I am feeling Lucky” button, using a new design for search results and yet more, simplifying the image search results, adding top references to results and more.

New Google Homepage

The new updates were targeted towards changing the look and feel of Google and their search results. Today, they also rolled out a major update to their home page where they have made the Google logo smaller and have moved the links to the bottom of the page. They have also added a new navigation bar at the top of the page to allow users to navigate through their services.

I found the black color used in the bar a huge contrast to their homepage. I would have preferred to see the old white background with blue colored links. Right now it looks very similar to what has as a menu bar.

Google claims that its new design provides more focus to the user and is created using the latest technologies like and WebGL. Don’t expect it to work on older browsers.

Additionally, Google has also rolled out the Google+ social media service and What Do You Love which is a new search engine to find information about what you love.


12 thoughts on “Google Launches New Design; Adds Black Menu Bar And Reduces Logo Size”

  1. Omg these bars are getting ridiculous. Stupidest trend ever. Nothing like having to use Firefox to adblock the elements. So frustrating. It’s bad enough every piece of software nowadays wants to install, the bing bar, the googlebar, the yahoobar, the askbar, i mean seriously. Enough.

  2. Black menu bar sucks. Terribly distracting. If you believe this works for you fine, but give other users the option to do away with it.

  3. Arrogant. Inconsiderate. “Look at what we can do”. You WON’T be given any options. We WILL change it every 3.5 months and you WON’T be able to get used to it. We WILL annoy you whenever we feel like it. We will NOT listen to input. You won’t be given any color choice. Nah Nah Nah. Absurd.

  4. Not only do I dislike this new black navigation bar for so many reasons, but I also dislike the way in which it has been introduced, or I should say forced upon users. There was no warning that Google’s pure white homepage was about to become fractured by this hideous black bar running across the top of the screen. I spent half a day searching the net, thinking I had acidentally imported an unwanted toolbar from somewhere, only to find it is the invention of some retard @ google HQ. Sorry guys you’ve shot yourselves in the foot on this one, this black bar is universally detested.

  5. I actually like the bar but I hate google instant and everything else, it seems odd that despite the fact Bing is successful but hasn’t been taking away chunks of marketshare from google that they are floundering in attempts to “compete” and those very attempts are driving their users away.

  6. Apparently, thousands of users have absolutely no taste when it comes to design. Google has clearly spent thousands of dollars, and hundreds of man-hours to produce this aesthetically awkward black bar. We must learn to embrace genius when it is presented to us.

  7. Unfortunatley, no matter if I update Firefox to the latest version, reinstall greasemonkey, reinstall this script, I cannot get this script to remove the god awful black bar.

    WORST Google idea EVER. Anyone else having this issue? I’m stuck with this horrible black bar with blue text, seriously blue text on a black bar. WTF Google.

    I’m just probably going to switch to Yahoo.

  8. I hate that black toolbar on the top of the page on Google. I find that very hard to read!! I also have Google Crohme, and was able to change it back to the blue/and white background. I also have internet browser, is there anyway to change it back to the blue/white background on that as well? I wish Google wouldn’t have changed it, do you have any ideas? Thanks–SandyJ

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