Google’s New Holiday Google Is Most Complex Yet

Google is known to sport ‘s on their homepage instead of the traditional logos. Some of the most fun (and maybe annoying) Doodle’s till date have been the Google Pacman Doodle, the Google Balls Doodle and the John Lennon Doodle.

Google Holiday Doodle

However, the new Google Doodle for the holidays is probably the most complex Doodle created yet. The Doodle sports some historic places and events. According to the WSJ, the Doodle was created by Micheal Lopez and team of 5 artists who took 250 hours to create this Doodle.

The WSJ post also delves deeper into how the idea behind the Doodle came out and the process Lopez and team went through to come up with this Doodle. Nevertheless, the hard word shows off since it is definitely one of the most complex Google Doodle I have seen in a long time.

As every year, this years Holiday Doodle will remain on Google homepage till Christmas is over. What do you think about the Google Holiday Doodle? Do you like it?

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