Google Goggles: Search the Web with Pictures

Google has launched another innovation today , after the Real-Time search for Google .

Google Goggles , is a brand new product launched in Google Labs. This product is a big innovation in the field of visual search. In simple words , when you point your camera at an object , take its picture , and then use Google Goggles , Google searches for the information about the object on the Web and gives you result about what it is.

This is a simple explanation of Google Goggles. Using this product , the type of object you can search for , is only limited by your imagination and your sight. For example : You can point your camera to Google Search Logo on a web page , take its picture and submit it to Google Goggles and Google returns the search result : as a link to Google Homepage.

Google Goggles
Google Goggles

Similarly , you can search for products like food items , books , cars , gadgets , laptops , cellphones , and yes for people too ; and you can search for all these things using your cellphone. To search for specific products and objects , Google Goggles uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize text on product labels.

For now , Google Goggles is supporting only Android powered devices and cellphones. But surely in the next few months , it will extend its support for more devices and platforms.