Google Funds Net Neutrality University Research at Georgia Tech

Google is all up in the battle against Government censorships and Internet throttling. Going a step further, it is funding research at one of the nation’s top research institute, Georgia Tech to create tools to detect the same.


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Google has invested a whopping $1 million to the research and that amount of money will be enough to cover two years of research. The research aims to create services to check if the Government is tampering with the data people receive, whether ISPs are throttling their Internet speed and if there are other constrains laid down by their ISPs.

These tools are due to release as web-services in two years. However, what worries me is, why at all any Government will let Google run this tool in their county if they are already censoring the Internet. These tools are not enough unless people speak up for themselves and their rights.

Ars Technica writes,

The Tunisian government early this year added bits of code to Facebook login pages in order to capture user credentials.

Events like these are shocking to their core. However, once the Internet is already being censored in a country, and the ISPs are fine-tuned by the Government as it suits them, the reach of such a tool cannot be guaranteed. This kind of research can work only for countries only where there are well funded independent bodies, fighting for net neutrality.

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