Rumour: Google To Provide Streaming Music In Search Results

Google-MusicGoogle is getting ready to launch its own music service and an announcement is imminent, if TechCrunch is to be believed. However, Google isn’t planning on competing with iTunes (or other online Music stores) and its Music service will be very different.

Google won’t be selling downloads or offering subscriptions. Instead it will integrate free streams into search results for music related queries. It is also expected to provide additional relevant information like cover art and snippet about artists and albums. Basically, Google is planning on beefing up the One Box for music to include everything a user searching for music may need. For example, if you search for Linking Park, Google will not only display a snippet about Linkin Park but will also allow you to listen to songs by Linkin Park. It’s not yet clear, if Google will be providing full length songs or only previews. However Google has reportedly partnered with web-based music services like iLike and Lala for sourcing its content. All the major music labels are also expected to be on board.

Google has been tinkering vigorously with their search engine over the past year in its quest to stay ahead of the competition. Integrating streaming music previews is a logical next step for Google which should help in winning over the sizable population of music lovers.

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