Google Experiments With Search Boxes in Search Results

Google has been experimenting quite a lot with search results lately and I was glad to see another new experiment today where they added a search box within the search results to search the site itself.

This is much like having site search right within the search results. Check out the search results in the screenshot below. The search box is place right below the first result with a button to search the site.


I think this would be a rather good addition since I can directly search for more resources from the site right from the search results itself.

When I searched using the additional search option in the results it redirected me to the default Google site search. Check screenshot below.


I have also seen few other experiments which I heard earlier where they added links from their index below the top search result. Check out the screenshot below.


What do you think of these experiments in Google Search? Will they be helpful to you? I would be happy to know if you too are seeing this experiment or it’s being phased our slowly to users. Do let me know about them in your comments.

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4 thoughts on “Google Experiments With Search Boxes in Search Results”

  1. May be Google has something better in store for us. I hope they roll out all the new goodies soon. :) I would love to try them out.

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