Google Encrypted Web Search May Get a New URL

A month ago, Google introduced an encrypted version of Google search at This is to provide a secure search experience to the users as the SSL Search can encrypt the searches.

Using the SSL search has it’s own advantages, any third party or intermediate person won’t be able to trace what the user was searching, whether it be your ISP, network administrator or the employer of your office.

Google SSL Search is only available for normal web search, other Google products e.g Google image search is not yet under the security layer.

So far so good but some organizations are facing a strange problem when users are switching to Google SSL Search. Employees and students, who used the SSL version of Google search bypassed some content filters which in turn allowed them to access sites or content that were blocked in the network.

Hence, some schools started blocking the SSL version of Google search as well, consequently giving rise to other problems. Gmail, Google Apps for education and other Google products which use the SSL, stopped working in those organizations.

Dave Girouard, the President of Google Enterprise explained in a blog post

We’re working hard to address this issue as quickly as possible and in a few weeks we will move encrypted search to a new hostname so schools can limit access to SSL search without disrupting other Google services, like Google Apps for Education. Longer term, we are exploring other options like moving authentication to its own hostname so that we can return encrypted search to

So can we expect a new URL for Google SSL Search ?

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