Google Employees Are Told to Quit Windows For Security Reasons

Looks like Google is planning to ban the use of Microsoft Windows for Google employees due to security concerns, according to a report from Financial times.

Financial times reports that several Google employees were told to move away from Windows PC’s and head towards MAC or Linux systems. We’re not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort,said one Google employee.

This can be a result of the recent China hacking attacks when Google had to leave China, sometime during early April of 2010.

Yes, Windows is more prone to virus or malware attacks and more susceptible to virus threats on the internet. But considering the fact that most of the Google employees use Windows as their primary operating system – a sudden switch was not expected.

Some employees said that the Operating system switch is also a part of the long term initiative to run the company on Google’s own products, not to forget the forthcoming Chrome OS which is expected to be a strong competitor of the Windows Operating system.

New recruits at Googleplex are given the option of using either MAC computers or PC’s using Linux. It would be interesting to see which operating system makes it place permanent at various Google offices, around the globe.

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