Google Celebrates Valentine’s Day with an Elaborate Doodle

Google is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a cutesy ode to love. The animated doodle created by Michael Lipman, featuring a guy desperately trying to win over a girl, is set to the tune of “Cold Cold Heart” crooned by Tony Bennett. Head over to or play the video embedded below to check it out.

The animation was created in three weeks by Lipman, who had to work round the clock to make the deadline. “The coolest thing, after having worked in online games for the last 10 years, is it was a wonderful return to storytelling”, Lipman told TechCrunch. “It felt like a Valentine for me”.

Google is often criticized for not understanding human emotions and relationships. They have often been labeled as mechanical. However, the Valentine’s Day doodle hits all the right notes. The girl in the video continues to ignore the guy as long as he tries to impress her with gifts he discovered through Google. She begins caring about him only when he takes a rope and begins skipping alongside her. Google might succeed in capturing the entire world’s knowledge, but even then, there will be some things in life that it will never be able to solve.

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