Google Doodle: Celebrating Gustav Klimt’s 150th Birthday

Known for his erotic and highly decorative style of painting with the primary subject being the female body, the Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt was born 150 years ago today, and thanks to Google, a lot of people now know who he is.

On the occasion of Klimt’s 150th birth anniversary, Google has come up with a doodle that is dedicated to the artistic painter and has featured it on its home page by replacing the Google logo with the doodle. The doodle reflects one of Klimt’s most famous work – “The Kiss,” which he painted between the year 1907 and 1908.

The doodle has the letters “Google” in golden-yellow color placed in the background, while the painting “The Kiss” is placed over it.

Gustav Klimt Google Doodle

Not many knew about the Austrian painter until Google put up the doodle, although he was referred to as an important artist and had gained worldwide recognition even beyond the art world during his time.

On this day, Austria will be celebrating Klimt’s birthday with special exhibitions in and around the city, including a few guided walking tours where people will be guided through some of the places and building where Klimt worked. Also, to coincide with the birth anniversary of Klimt, the Austrian Mint had begun a 5 coin gold series in 2012, and issued the first 50 Euro gold coin on January 25, 2012, featuring a portrait of Klimt.

Klimt’s painting stirred lot controversies during his time because of his celebration of sex and sexuality. However, today, Klimt’s works are among the world’s most expensive available, and “The Kiss,” featured in today’s doodle is his most famous painting. Klimt also made it into the headlines last year when one of his paintings was sold at an auction for nearly $40 million.

Born:July 14, 1862, Baumgarten, ViennaDied:February 6, 1918, Vienna

Education: University of Applied Arts Vienna (1876–1883)

Parents: Anna Klimt, Ernst Klimt the Elder

Children: Otto Zimmermann, Gustav Ucicky, Gustav Zimmermann

With all this, some Internet users had deliberately changed the Klimt’s Wikipedia page, in which the first line read as, “Google, the worst search engine, has made a link to Gustav Klimt…” However, this appears to be fixed as you can see the last modified timestamp at the bottom of the page.

Gustav Klimt - Wikipedia

Klimt died in Vienna on February 6, 1918 after contracting Spanish flu during the 1918 flu pandemic.

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