Mysterious Animated Google “Google Balls” Doodle Is Crazy

Oh Google and their . ¬†Just a few days after Google added a “Buckyball” Doodle, they have now added a mysterious new Animated aptly dubbed as “Google Balls”, which dances along with your mouse.

animated_google_doodleGoogle Doodle’s ¬† are historically known to celebrate events such as a birthday of a historic person or invention among other things. The changes to the Google Logo are apparent through a link they add to their Doodle’s, however with this new animated Doodle, there is no link and the balls just bounce around when you move your mouse over it.


According to Washington Post; who have also speculated on what the Doodle’s significance is; the new Google “Google Balls” doodle might be an inspiration about a news conference that Google is holding at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, no matter what the reason is, this new Google “Google Balls” Doodle is definitely driving people nuts Smile. Do you know what the significance of this new Animated Google Doodle is, if yes, do let us know by commenting.

(h/t @Sathyabhat)

One thought on “Mysterious Animated Google “Google Balls” Doodle Is Crazy”

  1. It’s annoying as hell. Thankfully the coder is stupid enough to block Opera (typical Google story of discrimination) by default
    [Opera users needed to mask as Fx to view the doodle]

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