Earth Day Awareness With Today’s Google Doodle

Google Doodles are a great way to learn about international events, famous inventions, important   dates and what not.   Over the years, Google doodles have always added a fun element to search and today’s Google doodle is no exception.

Inspired from the Earth day 2011, today’s Google doodle is all about the environment, animals, nature and going green.

Google's Earth day doodle

As always, Google wants to create awareness for Earth day by educating users about the global event. For over 40 years, Earth Day (April 22) has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

This Google doodle is animated and there are a couple of hidden animals which are revealed only when you hove the mouse cursor to specific areas of the doodle.

There is a Lion, a pair of Penguins, a Koala bear, a frog but the scariest of them all are the two Pandas sitting beside the Bambooo trees. Is this the same Panda which has changed the fate of a lot of webmasters because of it’s April 12th global update ? Not to forget that there is a small child panda waiting, so an update to the Panda algorithm might be a work in progress Smile

Jokes apart, the philosophy of today’s Google doodle goes hand in hand with that of Earth day 2011 – a pledge campaign aiming to get a billion people from around the world to pledge their allegiance to the environment.

One question to our readers how many animals can you spot in today’s Google doodle ? Let’s see who can crack the right answer first in the comments.

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