Google Celebrates Its 13th Birthday with a Doodle

The search engine giant and one of the best known brands on the internet, Google has just turned 13 today. Google is celebrating its birthday by dedicating itself a Google birthday Doodle, marking the 13th anniversary of awesomeness.

The Google Doodle always comes with hidden meanings, and has so much to say. Today’s doodle comes with a cake lighted with 13 candles and 3 caps. It also has 3 gifts placed on the table. In my perception, it means to me that each of the caps belong the “Google Guys” – Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt – the three key persons who founded Google in September 1998.

Google 13th Birthday!

One cannot imagine life without Google. Google search along with its several other awesome services has played an important role in our life. “Google” itself has become a synonym for “web search”, and no doubt it is the most preferred search engine.

In celebration of Google’s birthday, here’s a look back at Google’s birthday doodle since 2002 –

2002 – Google’s First Birthday Doodle

Google came up with its first birthday doodle in September 27, 2002. The search engine giant turned the letter “L” into a 4 along with a virtual birthday cake accompanying it. During this year, Google introduced some major features, which include –

2003 – Google Turns 5

Google celebrated its 5th birthday by presenting a doodle similar to its 4th birthday. The letter “L” was changed to 5 and had a cake along with a cap on top of the “O. During this year, Google acquired and introduced Google AdSense.

Google 6th Birthday

2004 – Google Celebrates 5th Birthday

Google had too much of cake in its last 2 years of celebration and decided to go on a diet on its 6th birthday. The 6th anniversary of Google doodle saw balloons and the letter “O” replaced with 6. In this year, the company said that it sold 19,605,052 shares with an opening price of $85 per share. At present, Google’s stock price is $531. It introduced the following services –

  • OrkutGoogle 6th Birthday
  • Gmail
  • Google Official Blog
  • 100+ Google domains
  • SMS for mobile
  • Google Desktop Search
  • Google Scholar
  • Google Book Search
  • Opened a Tokyo R&D centre

2005 – Google Turns 7

Google certainly missed the cake in its 6th birthday and this time it decided not to go on a diet. The Google doodle included 7 pieces of cake along with the letter “L” replaced with 7. This was a big year for Google, as we saw several number services launched including Google Maps and Google Talk.

Services launched by Google during this year were –

2006 – Happy 8th Birthday

Google continued the tradition of celebrating its birthday with a Google Doodle and a cake. But this time it was a one-cupcake birthday celebration, with the second “G” turned into an 8. This was yet another big year for Google as it debuted more interesting new service –

2007 – Google Celebrates it 9th Birthday

Google’s 9th celebration doodle placed a piñata – type of container that is decorated, filled with toys and or candy. During this year, Google –

  • Introduced Docs in 11 more languages
  • Gmail was open to everyone
  • Google Apps Premier Edition
  • Blogger in 8 more languages
  • Google Hot Trends
  • Street Views for Maps
  • Google GearsGoogle 9th Birthday
  • Maps on the iPhone
  • YouTube in 9 more domains
  • Google Apps in 28 languages
  • Google Earth (and Sky)
  • AdSense for Mobile
  • Presentations in Google Docs
  • Introduced Android

2008 – Happy 10th Birthday!

Celebrating its 10th decade, Google decided to create a doodle with its first logo when it was initially launched. During this year, the most notable event for Google was the launch of first the Android-based phone, T-Mobile G1. Along with that, Google also –

2009 – Google’s 11th Birthday

On its 11th birthday, Google kept its doodle quite simple as it just replaced the “L” with 11. However, there were no birthday cakes this time. Probably the doodle was made simple to indicate that it was just another “Google year” and it was working real hard to revolutionize the web.

In this year, Google announced Google Chrome OS for netbooks. It also made its debut on Twitter and tweeted its first message with a stream of 0s and 1s, which indicated “I’m feeling lucky”

On May 14th, Google was down for a few hours due to a simple traffic jam at an Asian data centre. This outage left 14% of its user base without Google’s several online services. However, Google apologized for the inconvenience caused in a blog post

In the same year, Google introduced the following services

2010 – Google Celebrates its 12th Birthday

By now, Google became a part of everyone’s life. The 12th Google birthday doodle had a candle which represents the “L” in the Google logo. The doodle is a painting by an American artist Wayne Thiebaud, who was known for painting images of cakes, ice creams, toys and candy.

In this year –

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