Google Docs Adds Server Clipboard For Managing Copied Items

Google has announced the launch of a new online Clipboard for , which will allow users to copy and store items in the cloud so that you can paste them into different documents with proper formatting intact.

Google Docs Cloudboard

Users can copy text to the server clipboard and reuse them across multiple documents in Google Docs. Once you have copied the text using the "Copy selection to server clipboard" item from the clipboard icon, you will be able to access it across multiple documents.


As you can see from the screenshot above, Google Docs will allow you to paste the text with the formatting intact as HTML or just copy the text itself as plain text. This feature will come in pretty handy when you want to copy an excel spreadsheet into a new one or a presentation slide into another document type.

The copied items will automatically expire after a month, however, if you want to clear the items, you can click on the clipboard icon and select "Clear all items" from the dropdown list.

What do you think of the new Google Docs server clipboard, will you make use of it? Do you find it will add value to how you create documents online? For more information about the new clipboard feature in Google Docs, visit this help page.

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