Google Docs, Maps and Photos Attachments for Gmail Soon

has grown leaps and bounds since it was launched and there are several features like Priority Inbox which make using Gmail’s web interface much more fun. However, I am not sure when Gmail will stop it’s innovations in the webmail platform.

Google Docs, Maps, Calendar, Photos Attachment for Gmail

In a recent post on Google OS, Alex Chitu posted a screenshot which has , Google Maps, Google Photo/Picasa integration along with an option to attach an invitation from , which already exists.

This new attachment integration will definitely make things more easier for users who prefer to use Google services rather than desktop solutions or even convert more users to use Google Docs and other services for ease of use, as a user will always store content on the cloud and can access it from practically any computer.

The introduction of this feature would also make Gmail one of the first webmail interface to work almost similar to Microsoft Outlook.

Google is also trying to add more tighter integration between all it’s products. For example, earlier last month, Google had introduced a feature that would allow users to search their Google documents in Gmail. Features like these make Gmail a one-stop place for common things that are part of our day to day life.

There is no official announcement as to when users will be able to start sending Google Docs, Map and Photos as attachments yet, however, you can expect these to be rolled out in the next few weeks.

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