Google Docs Opens File Storage to All Files, GDrive Cometh?

Google Docs is slowly but surely becoming a medium for files and documents. Earlier, Google Docs allowed users to upload word documents, PDF files and other office related documents. However, they have now opened up storage to essentially all types of files.


In addition to that, they have also jacked up the free storage limit to 1GB with an option to buy additional storage space at $0.25 per GB. If you are looking for an easy way to upload files to Google Docs, you can use the desktop uploading tool for Google Docs. In addition to that, you can also export all your Google Docs as a Zip archive.

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So is Google trying to take over your files too? Is this a side introduction of GDrive, the much hyped and not-yet-delivered product from Google?

Don’t want to store your files on Google Docs? Take a look at all the free online storage options we have covered in the past.

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