Google Gets Dedicated Real-time Search Page

Google Gets Dedicated Real-time Search Page

Google forayed into real-time search by announcing a deal with last year. However, real-time search results in Google went much ahead than just displaying results from Twitter and included web results too.

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I remember reading a post by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land about his request to Google to add a dedicated real-time search results page and it looks like Google finally heeded his advice and announced the introduction of a dedicated real-time search page at

The difference between the regular search page and real-time page is that you will see relevant results which are freshly indexed on Google about the keywords you are searching for.

The new real-time search page includes several new enhancements including:

  • Geographically refining results based on your location
  • Conversations view to follow discussions in real-time, which will include re-tweets and replies. This will allow you to view a real-time discussion easily
  • An update to Google Alerts to stay informed about a topic of your choosing

The new real-time dedicated page can be found at, however, you might see a 404 error since Google is slowly rolling out this new feature to users. What do you think of the new real-time search page? Do let us know. To get started watch a video of how to use Real-time search in Google in the embedded video below.

Update: The above URL is still giving a 404 error, but you can visit this URL to view the results, here is a screenshot of real-time search results in action.

Google Real-time Search Results

Looks pretty neat, but can be pretty overwhelming for a new user. What do you think?

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