Google Custom Backgrounds: Google Goes Bing’s Way With Background Photos

Bing backgrounds have been very popular with users, and there are several software which allow you to download Bing backgrounds to your desktop. However, is Google copying the same feature from Bing?

Google Custom Backgrounds

To many it may be yes, with the news that Google just announced custom backgrounds for the Google homepage, which can be uploaded by users and used as backgrounds on Users will be able to choose from a photo on their computer or from their Picasa Web Album or public gallery.

In addition to that, Google will also provide an easy way to switch between the background image and the simple UI Google currently provides with a single click. The feature will be available to US users over the next few days. This feature will also be available to international Google users in the near future.

So are you going to personalize your Google homepage? Do you think that Google has finally taken a leaf out of Bing’s book? Do let me know through your comments.

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  • It would be helpful if Google told people what size works best – a minimum of 800×600 (but they don't tell you that until after you upload) and if it's too large it arbitrarily chooses a section of the image. By trial and error I found that what works best is twice the length of the height.

    It's not on the UK version yet, but if you're in the UK and use the .com version the option is available.

  • Renata

    I really like the fact that you can change the background and make it look pretty without having an iGoogle, which are sometimes too complicated. All I want right now is a search engine!

  • Jordan

    @ Phil Bradley

    the OG tells u exactly the min size u need prior to doing anything in the very first page of instructions when u click on the LEARN MORE link when google places a picture at its discretion for the first time on the search page… it says it clearly there. it also tells u in the same section that its better to choose photos that are proportionately HORIZONTAL so they fit better… please READ instead of quickly clicking and skipping so u wont have to whine…

  • Pals

    Today Google followed Bing ….end of an era

    • HA HA HA! Google sucks, you already know this. Bing rocks!!

  • Sanity

    Here’s an update. Bing does NOT let you upload your own pictures. It selects the pictures for you. Google lets you upload your own pics and has much more customization options and integration with other sites. + You people are morons.