Love Coding? Participate in The Google Code-In Contest

If you are a school going kid and love coding, here is something very interesting. In an effort to encourage more participation to open source developments, Google is organizing a contest for pre-university students, around the world.

The contest is named Google Code-in which starts on November 22, 2010 and is targeted towards kids who love to code but never had the idea where to start. Google will work with organizations who build open source software and applications, each of these organizations will provide a list of tasks that has to be completed by the contestants. The assigned tasks will include coding, documentation, testing, training, research, translation and so on.

The students can claim a specific task and submit their work to the organization for evaluation. If the task is well accepted by the organization, it will be closed while the tasks that does not meet the expectations will be queued for a claim by another contestant.

Eligibility criteria and Prizes

The contest is open only for students who are within 13 to 18 years, as of November 22,2010. In addition to that, the contestant must be enrolled in a university, secondary school or in any other recognized educational institution.

The prizes are awesome too; a T shirt and a certificate for each completed task and $100 for every three tasks completed. There are some boundaries though; a contestant can claim up to a maximum of $500 and only one Tshirt.

There are 10 grand prizes as well, the winners will receive a free trip to Google’s headquarters at Mountain View, California for an award ceremony.

To get an idea about the Google Code-in contest, watch the following video:

Be sure to join the mailing list of Google Code in contest here. More information is available on the Google open source blog

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