Google Claims Google Chrome OS Will Top Windows, Replace 60% of It in the Corporate Market

Linus Upson, who is the Vice President for engineering-in-charge of Google Chrome OS and has made ad exorbitant claim saying,

Chrome OS machines could immediately replace 60% of the Windows desktops in the corporate market.

That is quite a big claim for an OS that has not even landed. Google is taking a huge chance with that claim because the cost of trashing the old Windows system and installing the new system should balance out in favor of the benefits from using the Chrome OS against Windows. Only then, will his statement be justified. Given the current scenario where the OS is still behind the Google castle, let us hope this claim is true and does not end like Google Wave.

With that statement, Google is also taking a hit at Microsoft’s corporate business. Linus has also claimed that moving to Google Chrome OS will result in immediate cost savings over Windows, as Google will roll out all maintenance and updates online. This has created sheer pressure on Chrome OS to deliver.

However, we have seen a number of good projects that are worth more attention than they get and there are some crappy ones that people are stuck with even though they hate it (IE6 anyone?). Whether Google Chrome OS will succeed or not, depends on how well and how fast the corporate world can accept it. Check out some Google Chrome OS wallpapers here.


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