Google Shows Off “Native Client Technology” with Games on Google Chrome

Google’s aggressive strategy with Chrome has taken Chrome to a stage where it can claim a dominant browser-market share. Now, where does a company obsessed with speed and performance go from here? Google recently showed off how well Chrome can use the Native Client Technology. With this, Google Chrome will take browser wars to a new level.

The Native Client Technology in Google Chrome has been in news from the beginning of this year. While Mozilla had declared that they will not implement Native Client in their Firefox browser, Opera software had criticized Google for not following the web-standard (WebGL) and allowing game developers a free ride on their browser.

Google Native Client  (NaCl  in an allusion to  sodium chloride  or common salt) is a  sandboxing  technology for running a subset of Intel  or ARM native code using software-based fault isolation.  Currently in development, it is proposed for safely running native code from a  web browser, allowing web-based applications to run at near-native speeds.

Adobe Air provides a Native Code API, and the recently launched  Silverlight 5  also brings Native Code into the browser. Moreover, we all know about the  notoriety  of ActiveX in Internet Explorer. Although Native code has always been an area of interest across platform because of the promised robustness, it poses a risk at the same time.

The “Native Client Technology” project was started to create robust applications by allowing them to leverage native (system) processing speeds. It has been present in Google Chrome 14 dev version as a disabled feature. However, after this stunt by Google, “Native Client Technology” might be reduced to a game-enabling project, which kicks WebGL in the gut.

Visit the Native Client developer page here.

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