Chrome Moves beyond an Operating System and a Browser, Now a Complete Business Ecosystem

In a market dominated by Internet Explorer and Mozilla and defined by its rigidity where deserving browsers like Opera could not flourish much, Google Chrome has gained a considerable market share over a very short period.

Lightening speed and sandboxed security are two things that Chrome has to boast of. Extension supports give it enhanced usability and this had led me to switch to Chrome as my primary web browser. Finally, Google Chrome has become business oriented. The first step is to provide a Windows MSI installer. Next up were security and privacy management with group policies (*nix style).

Google Chrome gives businesses a cost effective alternative to expensive deployments of software and hardware. In addition, the Google Chrome OS has the same Chrome browser as available standalone; developers can test their web apps on any of these two platforms.

The new administrative features are available to you by default if you are a Google Apps for business admin. Those not using Google Apps for business are also allowed to deploy Chrome in their organization. Well, if you are worried about how well this will work out for Chrome the Google Chrome blog says,

Over the past few months, we’ve worked to test Chrome with admins in a diverse set of large organizations interested in moving to a more secure, modern browser. Organizations such as Vanguard, Boise State University, and Procter & Gamble (and Google!) have already successfully deployed Chrome to thousands of users. They’ve provided us with excellent feedback, and we’re continuing to work on the next set of features that they’ve requested.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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