Google China ( Shuts Down, Redirects To Google Hong Kong

Google has finally hit the long standing nail on the Google China coffin and packed it off to Hong Kong. Users who visit are now automatically redirected to, effectively ending search censorship in China.

In a saga which has now stretched a few months, Google has finally stopped operations in China and will no longer censor search results in China. The move which was sparked when Chinese hackers hacked into the email account of some diplomats also dubbed as Operation Aurora which may have included some Google Employees.

Google had claimed that they would move out of China by April 10th, however that move came in earlier than expected. We had also spotted that Google was already censoring some search results as early as last week.

Google has also created a new page which displays the status of Google services in China, some of the services including and Blogger have been blocked for a long time now. However, I am wondering how quickly those green tick marks will turn into red cross marks now.

Google China Service Status

Back in January, we told you how some Chinese users of Google were offering condolences to Google China, however, let the real condolences pour through now.

This is not the end, the battle has just begun. The developments of the next few weeks and months will be pretty interesting to say the least. Don’t worry, we will keep you in the loop.

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  • CS

    I am a foreigner stationed in China. For all these years I had happily been able to use search at (NOT .cn) – as it had never been banned/censored in China. There had always been an option "Google in English" which was linked to, and voila – you were out of restricted area.

    Not any more. From today I am being forcefully redirected to which I don't want to use.

    Trying to get through to does not help: I am turned back to .hk.

    Not that is is better or worse, I just DO NOT WANT TO BE REDIRECTED ANYWHERE.

    Guys at Google now did exactly what the Chinese authorities didn't: removed my freedom to search for the information where I choose to.

    Such a disgrace.