Google Expects Chinese Government To Renew Operating License

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that he expected the Chinese government to renew their license which would allow Google to continue to offer search and other services to Chinese users.


Google who has been at loggerheads with the Chinese Government over a hacking of some accounts had threatened to move out of China in January. They did close down their China operations and began redirecting all the Chinese users to the uncensored Hong Kong domain.

The Chinese government did not approve of this and threatened to oust Google to which Google stopped redirecting users and began sending users to a new landing page. Now after all these months the time has come when Google has to renew its license in China and it might be tough if not impossible.

However, Eric Schmidt is confident that the Chinese government will renew its operating license and continue to allow Google to operate its search and other businesses there.

Addressing a topic that has been hanging over the company for months—the fate of its business in China, he said the company now expects to have its operating license from the Chinese government renewed, allowing it to continue to offer search services to Chinese users.

It is not clear if Google will be offering search through the Chinese domain and whether they will start censoring the results as it used to do earlier after their license is renewed.

(Source: WSJ)

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