Google CEO Larry Page Loses His Voice Due to Unknown Illness

Google’s Chief Executive Offer Larry Page is apparently not doing so well. The Google co-founder skipped an annual meeting last week, and will all be missing in action during Google I/O. Google has confirmed that Page has lost his voice, but refused to go into the specifics.

Larry-PageIn an email memo, Larry Page assured employees that “there is nothing seriously wrong with me” and that he would “continue to run the company”. Last year, Page replaced Eric Schmidt as the CEO. The latter had been brought in as the CEO in 2001 to take care of management activities.

Schmidt informed shareholders that “Larry will continue to run the company, he’s running all the strategic business decisions and all that”. However, Page will be out of action for at least a month, and will not participate in Google’s second-quarter earnings conference call.

Although Google’s stock didn’t suffer from any knee-jerk reaction to Page’s illness, Google will undoubtedly face some tough questions over the coming weeks. Apple’s secretive handling of Steve Jobs’ health issues were widely criticized, and as a public company Google will be under pressure to provide more information pertaining to Page’s ailment.

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