Bram Stoker

Google Celebrates Bram Stoker’s 165th Birthday

Bram Stoker

Today, Google celebrates Bram Stoker with a doodle on his 165th birthday. Bram Stoker’s claim to fame is what many consider to be the first horror novel, Dracula. This imaginative and captivating novel introduced the world to the vampire, Count Dracula. Though vampire stories were nothing new, Dracula pretty much set the standard for the modern day vampire character. The story basically tells the story of Count Dracula’s intent to move from Transylvania to England. There is no telling how many sleepless nights and frightening nightmares have occurred as a result of reading Stoker’s great novel.

Oddly enough, Stoker wasn’t known as much as a writer in his day as was known for being an assistant to the Actor, Henry Irving, and for running the affairs of the Lyceum Theater which Irving owned. Through this association with Irving, Stoker quickly attained status as a member of London’s high society. He forged many friendships and ran the most successful theater of his day. He also traveled abroad, even visiting the United States. Another odd fact however, is that he never visited Eastern Europe during these travels which is the setting for his famous novel Dracula.

Stoker’s life is pretty interesting and inspirational. He was born in a small town near Dublin, Ireland called Clontarf. According to Wikipedia, he spent most of his early childhood bedridden. It wasn’t until he was seven years old that he made a complete recovery. No one is quite sure what illness he suffered from so long. It didn’t keep him down very long, however. He eventually became an athlete and did very well. Though he was most noted for the humanities, he actually graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics from Trinity College in Dublin. He is the epitome of the well-rounded man. Take a moment today to go and click the Google doodle. Maybe you will learn something about this interesting man and his contributions to our world.

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