Google Buzz: Social Sharing by Google

Google has officially announced Google Buzz, a Google Approach to sharing. This is the Google product which will take on and by allowing social sharing in Gmail and other Google products.

Google Buzz

When you use Google Buzz, it will have an option to auto-follow people you email and chat with and provide a rich and fast sharing experience.

Google Buzz Autofollow

Google Buzz will also pull in your social activity from other websites, and looks pretty similar to the Facebook News Feed. This is definitely interesting as you will be able to see what your contacts are doing without having to leave Gmail.

Google Buzz URL Sharing

Google Buzz will also have a feature to share links with your followers, when you add a link, it will allow you to select the picture which you want to share with the link, this again is a feature similar to Facebook Share. However, unlike Facebook, you can choose to share the link publicly or privately. This is akin to sharing something with just your followers and not everyone.

Gmail will have features like , where you can share emails with your followers and they can comment on them in real-time. Just like Twitter, Google Buzz will have @replies which will be sent to the mentioned users Inbox.

Looks like Google Buzz is also taking on the location sharing giant Four Square with the mobile version of Buzz, it will allow you to share your location with your followers

More updates to follow

Image screenshots courtesy: Silicon Alley Insider

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