Google Buzz Gets Smart, Offers Better Notification Controls

has not been a big a success they would have wanted it to be, thanks to privacy issues and problems that many users faced.

However, looks like Google is applying some much needed changes to how Buzz works by allowing users to control how notifications work for them and what should be delivered to their Inbox.

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In a recent change, Google has been offering users to control how they receive alerts for new Buzzes in their Inbox. For example, when you visit "Settings -> Buzz" in your Gmail account, you will see the following options.


Using the option above you will be able to control how alerts are sent to your Gmail Inbox. In addition to that, if you chose to receive the Buzz alerts, you will also be shown a reason as to why you have received an email.


All in all a pretty decent update to Buzz, as many users have been pulling their heads apart on receiving tons of unwanted Buzz updates in their Inbox. More info available at the Official Google Blog, oh and don’t forget to check out the top more tips for using Buzz on by Google.

3 thoughts on “Google Buzz Gets Smart, Offers Better Notification Controls”

  1. I must be really honest and admit that I haven't even looked at doing a Google Buzz profile / account. There is just too much social stuff going on to pay attention to everything. If it becomes popular I'll reconsider, but until then I can not be bothered.

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