Google Buzz Love: TechCrunch Adds Buzz It Button, Mashable Runs Nexus One Contest

is here, big time for some, been there done it for some, but it is here and it will live around for a long time, no matter whether everyone likes it or not.


So where is the Google Buzz Love? Well, two of the most high profile technology and social blogs have it. TechCrunch just announced that you can now share their posts on Google Buzz using a new Buzz it button. However, this feature taps into a Share feature in Google Reader and does not integrate into Google Buzz itself. Google Reader shared items are included into your Google Buzz updates.

Earlier in the day, Mashable also announced a contest to give away a , if you join them on Google Buzz. To take part in the contest users have to join Mashable to your Google Buzz account and answer few questions they ask through their account.

This is the earliest adaptation I have seen of any product by high profile sites. was one of the worst products from Google, it’s lighter clone (or as many call it Friendfeed in disguise) definitely has a lot in store for the future. What do you think?

One thought on “Google Buzz Love: TechCrunch Adds Buzz It Button, Mashable Runs Nexus One Contest”

  1. Google Wave was one of the worst products from Google: sorry, but how do u feel about Google Wave? I see it's a wonderful product.

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