Google Buzz API For Developers

The one thing that I really like about Google is that, they have APIs which allow developers to access user data for most of the Google Products. With the announcement of today, it was more natural for them to have an API to access and write data to Google Buzz profiles.

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If you are a developer, you can access and develop applications using the Google Buzz API. The Buzz API provides users with an option to Syndicate Buzz updates with Activity Streams and RSS feeds including Google’s own PubSubHubbub.

In addition to that users can also Connect to Buzz and share RSS feeds and make use of the Social Graph API. However, there are quite a few missing features such as Activity Streams, Atom Publishing and oAuth authentication, which will be added to the API in the near future.

Right now, the Buzz API has limited documentation, however, it more documentation will be added in future as newer features are included in the API. If you are developer and want to write applications for Google Buzz, head over and take a look at the Google Buzz API.

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