Google Buys DocVerse For $25 Million

GoogleWe first hinted back in 2009 that Google may be looking at DocVerse for a possible acquisition target. The deal has now materialized and Google has paid a decent sum of $25 Million for a company started by two Microsoft Veterans just three years ago. DocVerse is a set of plug-ins that bridge the gap between traditional Microsoft software and cloud based apps like Google Docs. It offers web-based collaboration and group editing for documents that can be synced between your desktop and the cloud storage.

Acquiring DocVerse will serve multiple purposes for Google and its products. Firstly, it will help Google bridge the gap between Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Secondly, Google will get a couple of Microsoft veterans on their team who have managed products like SharePoint and SQL and bring a whole lot of insight to the Google vs. Microsoft battle.

This is another strong indication of Google’s strategy to slowly move away from desktop to cloud-based technologies. It is also important to note that with the advancement of cloud-based based technologies, the increasing need of syncing data with portable devices would become prominent. Who knows? We might see Google acquiring some mobile app development companies in the next few months.

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