Google Books Get a New Home Page, Couple Of New Features

Google Books is one the most popular platforms to browse through books, read them online and even download them. With millions of titles available, all you need is a good interface to find what you need. Google realized that and just revamped their homepage to provide a smoother navigation and browsing experience.

The homepage now showcases several categories of books including interesting, magazines, classics, medical, cooking and others. Each showcase is a horizontal scrolling frame that lets you jump to more titles by a single click, without reloading the page.

Another huge change comes to the My Library feature. Firstly, your personal library is now focused on the homepage for an easier navigation. Secondly, your library collection is now split in various tabs such as favorites, reading now, to read, have read and reviewed. Your library is now also split between different virtual bookshelves. You can add books to different bookshelves and decide to keep a bookshelf private or public. This new feature replaces the previously used labels feature. If you used labels before, they are now automatically converted into bookshelves.

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