Google Apps to Get More Control and Enterprise Services over Android Devices

We have always know that Google has a certain level of remote control over Android devices and now, Google wants to pass on some of this control to Google apps as well. Google has decided to add IT administration tools to Google Apps and Google Product Manager Mayur Kamat has announced this by saying,

Today we are announcing three more updates to our Android for business portfolio around security and connecting with colleagues. These products will be available to all Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education customers.


Google has announced that enterprise employees using Google Apps can quickly locate a lost device on a map and can either ring the device or reset the PIN on the device. To perform this operation, they need to go to this page. Google has also introduced a new feature that allows us to encrypt all the data on Android 3.0 based tablets. To take corporate support to the next level, Google has introduced a Corporate Contacts app that allows users to effectively manage all communications within the organization.

You can setup Google Apps device policy and  Google Apps lookup at the given links.Though, Google Apps device supports are available only for Google Apps Business and Education customers. Finally, Google is taking some steps to monetize the Android ecosystem and might be the first of many steps in integrating enterprise Google services with Android.

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