Google Analytics Will Allow Users To Opt-Out

Google Analytics is probably the most commonly used tool to monitor traffic on a website. However, it provides a lot of information to a web master that users may consider a breach of their privacy. For all those privacy-lovers, Google just announced its plan to let users opt-out of the Analytics.

This will be done through a browser based add-on or plugin and will prevent every website with Google Analytics from tracking the user. This move will definitely bring Google some much needed PR after the Google Buzz privacy fiasco. However, the number of users who will realize this and actually go through the pains of installing an add-on to opt-out will be so insignificant that it will make almost no difference to over all stats. Hence, a win-win situation for Google. The plugin is expected to be launched within the next few weeks.

This will also make Google stand out from all other analytic software unless they jump on the idea quickly enough.

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