Google AdSense Pays 68% Revenue Share to Publishers

There has been a wide speculation on the amount of revenue paid to publishers for a long time now. Many people have said that Google pays 50% or lesser revenue to publishers, however, that myth has now been busted with an official announcement by the Google AdSense team about the revenue sharing between Google and publishers.

Google AdSense Logo

According to Google, AdSense for content users get a revenue share of 68% across the world and AdSense for search users gets a 51% revenue share. The AdSense for content share is pretty much on par with other advertising platform and in some cases even higher.

Google AdSense is one of the biggest revenue earner for Google and this transparency will definitely give publishers a chance to better choose an advertising platform for their website. Considering that you now know how much revenue share Google is sharing with you, would you make a decision to stick with AdSense or would you try out a better alternative which offers higher payouts?

Google has declined to offer revenue sharing details about AdSense for mobile applications, AdSense for feeds, and AdSense for games.

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