Google AdSense Discontinues Video Units

has just intimated publishers that they will not longer be support video unit ads starting May 1st.

The reason for removing support for video units was given as lack of performance, though I haven’t personally tried out Google AdSense video units, if you have tried it out on your website, do give me your feedback on how it has worked out for you.

The Google AdSense email sent out to publishers state this:

We’re writing to let you know that we’ll be retiring AdSense video units at the end of April. After reviewing this feature, we’ve found that it hasn’t been performing as well as we had hoped, so we’ve decided to focus our efforts on other opportunities to help publishers monetize their sites.

We recommend that you begin removing the video unit code from your pages as soon as possible, to ensure that you can take advantage of the available ad space on your pages. At the end of April, any remaining Leaderboard or Skyscraper video units will begin directing users to, while other video unit sizes will automatically be changed to standard embedded YouTube players. These standard video players will display top YouTube videos, but you won’t generate earnings from them once this change occurs.

If you are a AdSense publisher who has been using video units, make sure to change remove the ad codes.

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